Friday, May 4, 2012


My fellow Tucson Hacks, I want to welcome you to your very own blogspot.  I envision this spot to be used as a place for fellow hacks to post their thoughts and ideas about things that concern them, or they may have questions about that they would like answers to.  I look forward to the future of our new association.  Let's help our newborn grow into a productive, intelligent, and useful tool that we can all be proud of! Tell us your ideas about what you would like to see this association become or how you would like to see this association benefit all of us hacks.  Please note that this is also the perfect place to post your ideas on ways we can improve as drivers for ourselves and our customers!  I especially would like to thank all of you who attended the inaugural meeting on Tuesday the 29th.  This blog will be monitored by the board of directors which will help them understand what is important to our membership and what topics need to be discussed at our next meeting.  They will also be able to post their own thoughts and responses as they feel necessary.  Once again Hacks, Congratulations for standing up for yourselves and we look forward to proudly serving our membership!!!!
Blogmaster Mack Hack

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