Wednesday, May 30, 2012


May 30th 2012 7:30pm

Hi guys and gals, this is my first post since the meeting last night. I want to tell you that I am proud of all of you who attended! Participation was great! Let's keep going along though. I would like you guys to start by posting on here (use the comments button by the way) what you want to see our associations mission statement be! Be a part of this and be proud, and remember "We Drive with Pride"!

*Additional Note: I am a rookie at this just like all of you so, as I learn more about how to use this blog in the most efficient way, I will pass these things I learn on how to use this site better, to you. Let's start walking this road together my fellow "Hacks"

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Yard Dog said...

I am disappointed that so few showed up for the last meeting. If we are to ever improve our lot in life we need to stand together. Please consider joining your organization for the well being of all Tucson drivers.