Sunday, June 17, 2012


Hey "Hacks",
Looks like working the crazy insane total number of hours a week it takes for us Hacks to survive has finally caught up to 'Ol Mack Hack Too!  I feel all of the Hacks pain, Literally.  So I want to ask you folks, especially the ones who work for the "Big 3", How many hours are you guys working in a week just trying to survive?  We all have the same struggles.  I am currently down sizing from the 2 bed room fairly large house I live in and downsizing into a 1 Bedroom Apartment trying to survive this mess were in, selling off half of everything I own because it won't fit into my new apartment.  It just doesn't seem right when like most other hacks I am working 80+ hours a week.  We are not even making minimum wage!  I really would like for my fellow hacks to share with us by writing in the comments section of this posting telling everyone your story, and what your struggles are to survive and  provide for your families.  People want to hear.  The beauty of this blog is you can do so just by clicking on the word comments at the bottom of this post and writing it,  Before you do that just send an email to requesting the google ID and password that allows you to post.  Lots of people besides us "hacks" read our blog too.  So please take advantage of this!
OK on to other stuff.  Whew, I want to share with you that your Tucson Hack Association has been working hard for you guys on ways to better our income and guess what, we are having success!  We are just following the advice of one of the General Managers here locally, when telling drivers what Independent Contractors are, and how we are free to make business for ourselves any way we can.  You know, personals and such.  Well here is some good news!  There are people in the business world who have developed ways for us to do just that.  They are already showing their respect and commitment for the Tucson Hacks Association and we will be sharing the great news with you at the next meeting which don't forget is July 18th, 2012 @ the Main Library Downtown in the lower level meeting room.  Drinks & snacks will be provided, Bring pen and paper in case you want to take a note or two.  Invitations will be available the first week in July and any help we can get from our membership encouraging new drivers to come will be beneficial to all of us! Remember, "WE DRIVE WITH PRIDE"!
'Till next time my fellow "Hacks"..

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Sorry I have not been able to post in the last several days.  Myself and the formation commitee of our Association have been very busy looking into direction, opportunities for us to make more money, finishing our mission statement and setting up our next general meeting.  So here you go,  our next full membership meeting will be on Wednesday July 18, 2012.  The meeting will be at the Main Library Downtown, it will be in the lower level meeting room and it will start @ 6pm sharp, and remember there is no cost to park at the street meters after 5pm.  Please make the minimal sacrifice on your part to be there and show you care about where our future in this industry takes us!  I look forward to seeing all of you again and some of our new members as well, as some have joined since our first meeting.  We need our Members to tell every Hack they know about the Tucson Hacks Association and invite them to the next meeting, PLEASE (and thank you)!  I have to tell you Ladies and Gentlemen that I believe this Association is like a little snowball made by hand.  It is at the top of the hill now and as it rolls down the hill it is just going to get gigantic, much heavier and pick up speed like a runaway freight train that cannot be stopped.  This is all being done for you hacks!  Be a part of this and participate.  There are many of you that are already and I thank you for your courage!  Just remember, THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS! Also remember, "WE DRIVE WITH PRIDE" 'Till next time my hacks...

Friday, June 8, 2012


I want to share with our fellow Association members that management at one of the companies alot of us lease from is trying desperately to drive a wedge between us!  How you ask?  By puting out the false rumor that our Association is being led by people who have their own agenda.  If at any time any of our members are unsure of leaderships intentions all you have to do is ask.  MY personal agenda is to make the act of driving a cab a job that increases the money ownership makes while at the same time finding ways to increase the income drivers make.  If that is a personal agenda, I assume our whole membership has a personal agenda!  When you hear the stupid s**t that is being put out there just smile and nod your head.  The Tucson Hacks Association knows what our mission is and who we are here for, YOU!!  Stand strong my fellow hacks and be very aware that there is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS! 'Till next time.

PS  Please be sure to send your email to , put comments in the subject line of your email and you will be sent very specific instructions on how to comment on the posts you see on the blog.  With several test runs we know that it works great and when you do make your comments you will be posted as anonymous hack.  Please don't be shy, let's hear from you!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Sorry guys,
I guess I have short term memory problems.  I should have put this on the last post.  I have FINALLY figured out how general membership can post.  You will need instructions and codes, so if you will send an email to and type posting instructions on the subject line.  I will send them to you.  I look forward to your participation!!!!!!


Ignore the nay sayers my fellow hacks.  It is easy for others to pull you down when they see you doing something they are not willing to rise above and do for themselves, they want to keep you in the bottom of the swamp with them. I too am sick of the muck! I am standing here with you and I am telling you YES, YOU CAN.  BE STRONG AND PROUD! 'Till next time my fellow hacks,


Our association is beginning to become more and more revelant.  Your Board of Directors has completed the "Mission Statement" for our association.  Keep watching it will be posted here soon!  We have other plans on taking steps to benefit our members, we will let you know as they progress.  The first process though "Hacks" is to keep increasing our membership.  Remember, there is power in numbers!  Look at this weeks edition of the Tucson Weekly and look at page 24.  There you will see that one of us has taken what some consider a substanial risk by giving the interview he gave.  The Tucson Weekly asked several times if there was a worry about retaliation, the answer was sure, but we are tired of being in the position we are in.  Nothing untrue was said during the interview and no companies were named.  The Weekly has promised support and follow-up stories even if Chris suffers retaliation.  Let me reiterate, we want to be team players with the owners of the different companies.  Our next general meeting will be in the 3rd week of July, keep checking here for details.  As soon as reservations are confirmed the meeting will be posted.  Stay strong Hacks we have started this trip together and by staying together we will remain strong.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Owner will be nervous about our association initially.  How do we counteract that?  We do the things we know we are required to do with a smile on our face.  Police yourselves, today a driver Kevin Harmon was suspended for smoking in his cab.  Trouble is that the fleet manager at this company gave Kevin no time frame for his suspension.  According to Kevin he asked how long his suspension was for and was told something along the lines of whenever we can get that cigarette smell out of the cab.  Kevin, not knowing how long he would be suspended, put in for his deposit return while he was at the yard, hoping to survive somehow until he finds another way to earn a living.  Now is smoking in cabs illegal?  Yes guys, it absolutely is! Although some kind of harsh warning would have been nice I guess before an actual suspension.  Ownership knows that as cab drivers we are living day to day, most of us working anywhere from 80 to 90 hours a week, some even more and they see this as a way to get rid of guys with some solid legal footing if needed.  If this a case of association retribution?  I don't know, very hard to say, but I do say  fellow hacks, please don't expose yourselfs to any opportunity to find out!
"Till next time...

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hey Hacks,
I know I justed posted a little bit ago, but I have been playing on the site (you see the look has changed!), and I forgot to tell you that your board of directors will be meeting this Tuesday, June 5th @ 6pm.  Meeting site will not be revealed as it is for directors only.  We are meeting to do a rough draft on the mission statement that is one of the first steps our newborn Association needs to take.  It will be published on the blog when finalized, we then want to hand it out to as many drivers as possible so we can show them why they should join.  Remember, there is POWER in numbers.  For those who are curious, the board of directors will become public and published on this blog within the next 90 days.   Keep your eyes on YOUR Blog!  I myself will try to make posts daily.  'till next time....

"We Drive with Pride"


I know you are undoubtedly hot under the collar, im sure your fuel costs have increased trying to keep yourselves and your customers cool.  To our valued Customers:  If your driver is keeping his car cooled properly by running his air conditioning all day show your appreciation with a tip.  It costs the drivers more money to operate their cabs in the summer and I personally am mind boggled whenever I see a taxi from any company driving around town with their windows rolled down on a hot sunny day.  Once it gets to 9 or 10am its a definite no-no.   Lets show our appreciation of our customers and hopefully they will show their appreciation of us.  Remember Driver's as member of the Tucson Hacks Association "We Drive with Pride".  Till the next Blog Drop...

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Hey there fellow Hacks,
I have been seeing that you have been trying to post, and it appears very complicated unless you have a google account & ID.  You can create one if you don't have one.  It will ask for your real information, but you can still create a fictitious posting name.  For those who find it to be to complicated which I do too, by the way! Please write the title of the post you want to comment on and send an email with "Blog" on the subject line to and I will copy it from the email site and post it on the blog for you hacks until I can make this crap as simple as possible.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Well guys, the board really wanted your input into the associations mission statement.  So far no one has seen fit to make a comment on any post they have seen even though the site shows me that there has been over 200 visitors.  We really need participation to make this association  work guys and gals.  Don't be shy, all you need to do to get your thoughts on the blog is click the comments button at the bottom of any of the posts you see and make up whatever user name you like and type what you want to post.
Our boards mission statement meeting is tentatively scheduled for Monday, June 6th so give us your input, help shape our mission statement.  Hacks you truly do have your own power, it is worthless if you don't access it!!   "We Drive with Pride"