Sunday, June 17, 2012


Hey "Hacks",
Looks like working the crazy insane total number of hours a week it takes for us Hacks to survive has finally caught up to 'Ol Mack Hack Too!  I feel all of the Hacks pain, Literally.  So I want to ask you folks, especially the ones who work for the "Big 3", How many hours are you guys working in a week just trying to survive?  We all have the same struggles.  I am currently down sizing from the 2 bed room fairly large house I live in and downsizing into a 1 Bedroom Apartment trying to survive this mess were in, selling off half of everything I own because it won't fit into my new apartment.  It just doesn't seem right when like most other hacks I am working 80+ hours a week.  We are not even making minimum wage!  I really would like for my fellow hacks to share with us by writing in the comments section of this posting telling everyone your story, and what your struggles are to survive and  provide for your families.  People want to hear.  The beauty of this blog is you can do so just by clicking on the word comments at the bottom of this post and writing it,  Before you do that just send an email to requesting the google ID and password that allows you to post.  Lots of people besides us "hacks" read our blog too.  So please take advantage of this!
OK on to other stuff.  Whew, I want to share with you that your Tucson Hack Association has been working hard for you guys on ways to better our income and guess what, we are having success!  We are just following the advice of one of the General Managers here locally, when telling drivers what Independent Contractors are, and how we are free to make business for ourselves any way we can.  You know, personals and such.  Well here is some good news!  There are people in the business world who have developed ways for us to do just that.  They are already showing their respect and commitment for the Tucson Hacks Association and we will be sharing the great news with you at the next meeting which don't forget is July 18th, 2012 @ the Main Library Downtown in the lower level meeting room.  Drinks & snacks will be provided, Bring pen and paper in case you want to take a note or two.  Invitations will be available the first week in July and any help we can get from our membership encouraging new drivers to come will be beneficial to all of us! Remember, "WE DRIVE WITH PRIDE"!
'Till next time my fellow "Hacks"..


Anonymous said...

Is anybody driving more than 12 hours per day consistenly? Are you driving more hours per day or more days per week than you were a year ago. Let us know. Are you averaging more or less than $100 per day take home? You don't have to leave a name, lets just try to get an understanding of what we are facing here in Tucson.
Thanks for responding.

Anonymous said...

Tucson Hacks Meeting Sat. Dec. 15, 10:00 AM at the Main Downtown Library in the Lower Level Meeting Room. All are welcome. Listen to a presentation from the I.W.W. union about our situation.

Anonymous said...

Have you live in Tucson all your life? You say you have been driving since 1996. Have you ever driven for sun shuttle or sun van. Or the voucher programs on discount cab. Did you attend any schools here or driven for Tusd?