Thursday, June 7, 2012


Our association is beginning to become more and more revelant.  Your Board of Directors has completed the "Mission Statement" for our association.  Keep watching it will be posted here soon!  We have other plans on taking steps to benefit our members, we will let you know as they progress.  The first process though "Hacks" is to keep increasing our membership.  Remember, there is power in numbers!  Look at this weeks edition of the Tucson Weekly and look at page 24.  There you will see that one of us has taken what some consider a substanial risk by giving the interview he gave.  The Tucson Weekly asked several times if there was a worry about retaliation, the answer was sure, but we are tired of being in the position we are in.  Nothing untrue was said during the interview and no companies were named.  The Weekly has promised support and follow-up stories even if Chris suffers retaliation.  Let me reiterate, we want to be team players with the owners of the different companies.  Our next general meeting will be in the 3rd week of July, keep checking here for details.  As soon as reservations are confirmed the meeting will be posted.  Stay strong Hacks we have started this trip together and by staying together we will remain strong.


QZ Hack said...

Great article in the Tucson Weekly. Great reading for everyone!

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

I enjoyed the Weekly article.

Question: Have you considered forming a cooperative like Union Cab in Madison, Wisconsin? I'd be willing to be that, if you did, a lot of locals would support you.