Friday, June 8, 2012


I want to share with our fellow Association members that management at one of the companies alot of us lease from is trying desperately to drive a wedge between us!  How you ask?  By puting out the false rumor that our Association is being led by people who have their own agenda.  If at any time any of our members are unsure of leaderships intentions all you have to do is ask.  MY personal agenda is to make the act of driving a cab a job that increases the money ownership makes while at the same time finding ways to increase the income drivers make.  If that is a personal agenda, I assume our whole membership has a personal agenda!  When you hear the stupid s**t that is being put out there just smile and nod your head.  The Tucson Hacks Association knows what our mission is and who we are here for, YOU!!  Stand strong my fellow hacks and be very aware that there is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS! 'Till next time.

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Anonymous Hack said...

Thank you for your efforts Mack Hack! I an glad you created a forum us " Hacks" that we can discuss things on. One concern at least where I lease is that we must take whatever call comes across our screen without even knowing what kind of call it is (cash or voucher). I would like to hear what other lessees at our company think about this situation!

Blogmaster Mack Hack said...

Thanks for your input anonymous! The more participation and discussion we have on this blog, the better your Association can understand what issues are important to our membership whatever company they lease from!